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Changing The Way We Memorialize Lives

We are:
A local business with style, taste, and discernment.
A community member that supports
sustainability, utilizes modern business practices
& the latest technology to ease the burden of planning.
A woman-owned, inclusive, and diverse company
that places the needs of the bereaved above all else.

Value for the changing needs of grieving families

Compassion and Integrity

Our Mission:
to connect and heal bereaved families.  We are the leaders of custom memorials with our combination of innovative funeral professionals and design creatives. Your values are reflected in our modern, honest and compassionate care. 

Our Vision:
to show grieving families a new way of honouring their loved ones.  We are here to revolutionize the funeral industry by serving the social and psychological needs of the bereaved, better. Celebrations of Life Toronto is in service of the bereaved. Bringing families together for meaningful events creating healing and connection.
modern values Leading the memorial industry

After 20+ Years In The Industry We Learned...

The Baby Boomers led the change to Celebrations of Life. We listened.
You will find no set packages or lack of creative resources here. The details are founded upon the personality of your loved one.
Owner and Founder

Diana Robinson

My experience in the Funeral Industry has spanned across Ontario, Canada and Japan. I witnessed the evolution of the funeral industry, including shifts in beliefs and attitudes towards the traditional funeral. I saw the need to offer Celebration of Life planning outside the industry model that focuses on the joyous and positive life of our loved ones, beyond the grief ritual. I could see that grieving families needed more positive death experiences.
This led me to found Celebrations of Life Toronto in 2019, the first full-service Memorial Planning company in Toronto that combines the unique needs of the bereaved with the beauty of tasteful event planning.
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