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Online Services serve the need for families to mourn loved ones. It is as important as ever to gather, connect, and allow us to creatively present the beautiful life of your loved one.
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A Unique Celebration of Life

Custom, Modern Memorial Planning

Let us take care of everything to plan
your custom celebration of life.

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Progressive Funeral Professionals Outside of the Funeral Home.

Curating Experiences with Reflective design, Compassion, and Integrity.

Telling the Story of Your Loved One,

Honouring them with Warm & Beautiful Memorials.

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What do You Want to Create?

A warm environment with bespoke selections of all the memorable favorites of your loved one and hand-selected decor to evoke their memory. We provide beautiful services to bring people together for healing and connection.
Professional filming set up for memorial video and presentation
How Do you want to Feel?

Planning intimately with you allows us to create the feeling of inviting experiences honouring your loved one. A Celebration of Life brings focus to the positive and joyous aspects of their life in a custom atmosphere. 
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Your Values Matter

Planning every element of your memorial will be to our uniquely high standards. We serve you first. We offer stress-free arrangements and seamless service with our paperless contracts and compassionate interactions. We are sustainable, local, and offer unparalleled care.
Sign informing guests a portion of the event proceeds will be given to CamH.
Compassionate Planning Services

Seamless and
stress-free planning

As a unique team of creative professionals & licensed funeral directors, we ease the burden and stress of planning. We are modern, mobile and forward-thinking.
Our Founder

Diana Robinson

I have always found serving the bereaved to be a meaningful calling. I first became a licensed funeral director in 2001 and began Celebrations of Life Toronto in 2019. It has been my honour to serve families like yours with the utmost compassion and professionalism. I help create beautiful, dignified memorials that bring comfort and healing. With your trust, I will ensure the legacy of your loved one is preserved.
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From intimate gatherings to grand tributes.

  • A Story Of A Life Well Lived
    We create a warm environment with bespoke selections of all the memorable favourites of your loved one and hand selected decor to evoke their memory. We are unrestricted by brick and mortar, offering memorials in all venue spaces, even your home. Bring people together for healing and connection.
  • A New Tradition
    Having a flexible timeline to plan your gathering allows us to create inviting experiences honouring your loved one. Celebrations of Life focus on the positive and joyous aspects of a person's life in a custom atmosphere.  They are an expression of the beautiful ways in which your loved one touched the lives of others.
  • Your Values Matter
    Every element of your memorial will be unique owed to the highest standards we set for ourselves and our sustainable and local partners. To make the planning as stress-free and seamless as possible we come to you and offer paperless contracts and transactions.
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“... Diana Robinson has many years of experience organizing and facilitating outstanding, creative, and inspirational celebrations for people…A meaningful memorial can be the first step in a healing process…”

Dr. Bill Webster - Executive Director, Centre for the Grief Journey

“ … I am so overwhelmingly thankful that I found Diana to help create something much greater for my mother than I ever could have alone. I recommend Celebrations of Life Toronto’s services wholeheartedly…”

Melissa G.

“ … We hosted a large and complex event that we wanted to feel intimate and personal and Celebrations of Life had just what we needed at every step. We appreciated the organized and transparent approach, communicating and sharing the level of detail that met our needs along the way …”

The Dakin Family at The Drake Hotel

“... Diana's professionalism, efficiency, compassion, accessibility, and attention to detail created for us an event that many of our guests (close to 200) said was the most beautiful and meaningful Celebration of Life they had ever attended…”

Jane Lotimer at The Aurora Armoury

“... Diana absorbed every detail I told her and all my thoughts and then she read between the lines. She broke down the daunting prospect of planning a celebration of life into a finite series of decisions, and demonstrated various options in each case. In all communications, she was sensitive, perceptive, clear and thorough…”

Susan Smith at The Montgomery Inn

“Diana of Celebrations of Life Toronto was impeccable in her attention to detail, from music, food, décor, and timing of the event. Being able to trust her with the details was a relief. The celebration of life can be described as ‘elegant, moving, and personal’...”

The Burch Family at Malaparte

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Learn the creative elements for truly reflective, custom and memorable Celebrations of Life.

You will have the ability to create a digital document or a printed one. We offer services to inspire, record and file your wishes.

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Unburden The Stress Of Celebration of Life Planning

When Should You Contact Us?
At your time of need. We work with families with timelines as short as 1 week and beyond to 1 year memorials.
What about preplanning?
If you are looking to plan ahead we can help to plan, record and share your wishes with your family.
What does the process look like?
Contact us to learn more. We will find out what made your loved one special and then take care of all the planning for you.