Our message is that there is hope to hold a gathering in the future, to mourn, and not allow covid-19 to overshadow the memory of your loved one.

Begin To Plan For Your Future Memorial or Celebration Of Life

Diana Robinson

There have been many articles during this pandemic about the challenges being faced by so many. One story that continues to appear is about the restrictions the funeral industry has undergone and how it has impacted families, friends, and communities who have had a death during covid-19.  It has been devastating to say the least.  While people have tried to adapt with streaming videos from the funeral home, which has been helpful, it is still not entirely comforting.  We were recently interviewed by the media about what message we wanted to convey to grieving families right now.  Our message is that there is hope to hold a gathering in the future, to mourn, and not allow covid-19 to overshadow the memory of your loved one.  Please find the interview here https://torontosun.com/life/relationships/0417-lifenational

We are encouraging families to start planning now, so they can continue to remember their loved one, stay connected, and give hope to the family, friends and community who couldn’t attend. You can all start to engage in planning activities that are therapeutic and healing.  While you may have been denied a funeral or memorial in your usual ways, this doesn’t have to be the last memory of your loved one.  Plan to honour your loved one and assume your final reflections will be of a gathering that was beautiful and personal surrounded by family and friends. 

You may be wondering how to start planning memorial service while no events are being held at this time.  It’s true, we can’t set a date right now but there are many details to still consider.  Invite family and friends to collaborate with you and contribute to different aspects.

We recommend the following to get started: 

1. Photographs, videos and music: 

This is a really beautiful way to get started in remembering your loved one.  You may decide to do a photo slideshow or even a video that joins together pictures, home videos, audio, and music.  All these elements are such evocative activities that while emotions are often where you find inspiration for your personal tribute.  Ask people to share with you, their best photos of your loved one. They will be thankful to be included. Make a custom music playlist and if you are having a service or eulogies, select a couple of favourite songs for before and after.

2. Creative Elements:

After having gone through old photos and warm memories, you may be inspired to choose something to highlight.  Maybe it will be your loved one’s passion for travelling, gardening or for nature.  Think about design and decor elements from your loved one’s home and outside decor that can be brought in.  You may even be ready to choose the colours you would like to see represented. Flowers and linens and a memory table will start to take shape as you explore the most positive and joyous elements that bring the warmest memories.

3. Place, date and food:

Choosing a place may be already known for you, at the home or family cottage, perhaps the club.  If you are still unsure, now is a good time to start researching the best place that will suit your loved one’s tastes and lifestyles such as a beautiful downtown event space, art gallery or museum.  Some flexible dates a few months from now will help you to think ahead as well as fill in the times of the day. Once you’ve chosen a spot, with an alternate or two, you can start to fill in what the refreshments will be like.  Food is a great creative opportunity to incorporate favourites of your loved one.

4. Services, shared remembrances, eulogies

If you are planning to deliver a eulogy at your future memorial, you can start to write down some thoughts and feelings now.  With many resources on the internet, you will have some time to make your writing impactful and just what you want to communicate.  Invite friends to start sharing remembrances with you now.  Their words will be something you have as a keepsake but also could be shared at the memorial.  If you are planning a service and don’t have a clergy or celebrant, you can start to find and read bio’s out there to make sure they are the right fit for values, beliefs and tone you wish to convey.

We offer full unique memorial service ideas with bespoke memory table design, florals, venue booking and much more. 

To speak with a compassionate professional to start planning your future memorial services or for complimentary resources, please contact us at any time.  

If you are interested in reading more about how to make a celebration of life or memorial beautifully designed and truly personal, email us for a pdf of our Planning Guide. 

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